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Co-op Membership


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Co-op Membership

Co-op Membership 



There Are Great Benefits For IWB Co-op Members Now. We Have Evolved Our Membership Packages Tremendously. If You Are Looking For The Right Place To Host Special Events, Receive Discounts At Restaurants, Hotels And On Your Transportation Needs?

IWB Co-op Has A Number Of Great Partnerships And A Variety Of Offerings For Its Current And Active Members. The Co-op Has Now Evolved Into A More Privately Owned Country Club Style Community Organization, With A Number Of Benefits In The Areas Of Co-op Life Insurance, Co-op Health Insurance, Trust Company Opportunities, Emerald Club, Executive Elite Benefits, Co-op International Status And Credentials, Co-op Id’s, Private Banking Opportunities, And So Much More.

For The Past Two Years The Indigenous Water Bank Co-op Has Been In Partnership With Enterprise, National And Alamo, For Our Co-op Vehicle Transportation Needs. The Exotic Car Program, Our Commercial Vehicle Needs And Executive Elite Member Discounts Are Great. The Leasing Programs Are Great For Those Whom Would Like To Get A New Vehicle Every Two Years. IWB Co-op Is Also Establishing Its Own Car Dealerships.

Emerald Club Signup Is Below For Those With The Indigenous Waterbank Co-op Code. The Indigenous Waterbank Travelers Should Have A Co-op ID#, A Co-op Bank Card Pin And Credit Card.

The New Co-op Membership Comes With All The Value, And Luxury Life Benefits You Can Image. 1. Hub Distribution Opportunities 2. Assigned Co-op Bank Cards And Co-op Cash App Opportunities. 3. International Business Opportunities. 4. Real Estate Opportunities. 5. Combat Training 6. Precious Metals & Gold Opportunities. 7. Luxury Cabins And Condos.


Resort Community Living, Co-op Community Events & A Valid Alternative Economic System Of Operation.

Resort Style Island Living

Those Interested In Joining The Co-op Please Contact

1-844-492-2667 Ext 2


Membership Benefits:


  1. Co-op Life Insurance

  2. Co-op Health Insurance

  3. Co-op Car Dealerships

  4. Co-op Bank Cards

  5. Co-op Trust Companies

  6. Co-op Combat Training

  7. Co-op Banking System

  8. Co-op International Status & Identification

  9. Co-op Water Distribution Hub Opportunities

And Much More


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